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  For those who seek plain talk and absolute brutal truth.

A no nonsense web site by Bob Williams


You can never get answers to questions if you do not have the curiosity to even look and the courage to ask the questions.  As all my students knew, asking questions is the very BEST part of learning.  Because for every GOOD question asked, the answers will always leave us with even more questions to ask; further taking our learning experience to new and unimaginable heights of awareness and enlightenment.  

Enjoy mind gives your soul character.


Who?    What?    When?    Where?   Why?   How? 


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2nd X-Conference April 22-24, 2005

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Who's blogging now?

Who's the Cartoonist of Cydonia? 

Who's blowing 'foo-foo dust'?   

Who's 'blockies' are they anyway?     

Who's Doing the Qubes?    

Who sees thru foo-foo dust?     

Who is messing with the THEMIS data?    

Who is crazie here?

Who is Dr. Philip Christensen?

Who is the creator of these webpages?

Who is Hillary Clinton?

Who is Stanton Friedman?

Who benefits from a webmarch?

Who are the DAWGS?


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What should the MER Spirit Rover look at? 

What's up with NASA, Mars n the Media?  

What's the CSC Radio Show about? 

What is this 'Face on Mars' thing?  

What is this Smoking Pyramid thing?      

What's so ARTISTIC about Mars?

What's happening in Bob's Classroom?

What's Bob doing in a California newspaper?

What's the state of Supercomputers?

What's new under the Sun?

What’s behind that Smile of the Man in the Moon?

What are some of Bob's favorite links?

What was new on Mars summer 1999?




When will humans go back to 'our' Moon?

When will we revisit Pathfinder?




Where are other educational sites devoted to non-mainstream ideas?

Where are other strange mysteries?

Where is the Secret History of the USA?

Where's the evidence for Flying Saucers?

Where are radio shows on the net about this stuff?

Where is some of Bobs other artistic talents?

Where can I comment on this site?


Why is JPL the ENRON of NASA?

Why is Bob no longer at CCC?


How can I get the Orbital Cydonia Zoom?

How deep does the foo-foo dust go?

How do others see truth?

How can we achieve CATS?

How can frogs fly?

How can we justify going to Mars?



Who?    What?    When?    Where?   Why?   How?



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