Crazie reply

Crazyeddie in another place:

"Please note that I have never said that the DM pyramid cannot be artificial. It deserves further study. "


rather than spend my valuable time searching where you implied the complete opposite, I'll simply let you let everyone take you at your word here above. So you are NOW saying it COULD be artificial and deserves further study? I presume everyone else's command of the English language is at least as good as crazie's and realize he has opened his 'egotistical viewpoint' a tiny tad to admit the possibility it COULD be artificial and someone should damn well look into it. WHO crazie?

The Pokers in Pasadena or the Aeroholes in Arizona, or the Muddled MOC Mucks at MSSS?

ALL, repeat ALL 3 of these organizations, under the auspices of NASA, have LIED!

ALL, repeat ALL 3 of these organizations, under the auspices of NASA, have HIDDEN DATA!

ALL, repeat ALL 3 of these organizations, under the auspices of NASA, have MUDDLED DATA!

ALL, repeat ALL 3 of these organizations, under the auspices of NASA, have FABRICATED DATA!

ALL, repeat ALL 3 of these organizations, under the auspices of NASA, have violated Mission Rules n Procedures n Promises!

We should TRUST these Enrons, the A. Andersons and Worldcoms of the Space Age Exploration of humans with FINALLY, after more than 25 years of hiding from the great questions to suddenly turn on a dime and be HONEST and FORTHRIGHT with the American, and the WORLD's population about what we find out there? Is THIS the way we show 'patriotism' and 'freedom' on an awful anniversary reminder that 'freedom' has a very special high cost? By doing ALL the nefarious things NASA/JPL/MSSS/ASU have done with data from Mars...and Cydonia specifically!?

And the media...MSNBC/, ABC, CBS and CNN. Where are YOU in the great debate and stance for FREEDOM of INFORAMTION in America! Is Osama hiding under the cave opening in the Eastern Half of the D n M Pyramid in Cydonia on Mars? Is that a 'National Security' 'issue' which MUST be kept secret and NOT shown to the whole world, but ESPECIALLY not show their work to the American public who PAYS for these missions, and to whom these organizations have a fiduciary responsibility to?

There is NO, repeat NO, valid technical, budgetary or other performance 'issue' reasons to WITHHOLD, at times illegally, the ancillary raw and geometry data from a Publicly Released image. This information MUST exist to create the image presented from the MOC and THEMIS systems. Why are they NOT released WITH the image? Maybe because we showed them in the 1998 Joker Poker Catbox image what spring April Fools THEY really were. Since then we have shown them to be the Mola Muckers they are adjusting and twisting the data in a paraxial game of TWISTER with absolutely NO TRUE COLOR spots to play on despite more than 6 months of 'science'!!!

Hey! Did you 'calibrate' ALL the color right OFF that big ol 'FACE' on Mars?

What's wrong you can't release a TRUE COLOR IMAGE, much less the ancillary data with it. From ANYWHERE on MARS, ANYWHERE...throw a dart for Creation's sake and pick a spot. Noel Gorelick says the THEMIS 'Image of the Day' was created especially for the 'pretty picture' click-through crowd, mostly coming from places like this. So where's that 'Kodak Moment'?  Cats got your filters?


No, crazie we don't have color, we don't have truth, we don't have honesty, and we don't have a clear and unambiguous policy when it comes with dealing with whatever is 'out there'. Hence for people like you and mass media itself I consider this line from Snoopy:

Yesterday I was a dog. Today I'm a dog. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a dog. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement. Charles M. Schulz, (Snoopy)

Yesterday I was a JPL agent. Today I'm a JPL agent. Tomorrow I'll probably still be a JPL agent. Sigh! There's so little hope for advancement. -- Bobbyism, (rhw007 Spy guy)

You are all STILL dancing to the Intellectual Puppet Puppy strings of 'modern authority' that there's nothing there, move along, look away, nothing of interest, just another pile of rocks folks don't hold up traffic gawking at the roadside. Meanwhile the old geezer of a wizard behind the curtain cranks n yanks n tugs n wheels n deals putting on the 'Great Show' we are all supposed to be lulled into 'believing'. You still do. You are the one still stuck in Oz land. Crazie as a looney lune for actually 'believing' what the babbling bureaucrats and the prattling politicians have been telling you. The very same way that workers, investors or the press believed the 'Concerned CEOs and CFOs' of Enron and Worldcom dangling dollars in the air while A. Anderson was busy shredding the proof of a switch-a-roo.



And for folks just passing through...ask yourself...


Seems a mite odd...doesn't it?

What ELSE might be a 'mite odd'?

WHO should 'look' into it? Should it be 'looked into'?

WHERE is the raw ancillary and geometry data from an ALREADY released PUBLIC image???

So many many questions...why is NASA/JPL/MSSS/ASU so so so ....silent?

Wanna find out?

And crazie says from somewhere else:...

"Regarding your picture: does it show signs of intelligent design and artificiality? Yes, of course. Unfortunately, the the DM pyramid looks NOTHING AT ALL like your photo of the Egyptian Pyramids. So what is your point in posting it?"




THIS Pyramid: (and it IS an artificially constructed 5 sided PYRAMID!)

is EONS older than these:

but no less somebody other than 'us'.

Sometimes SNIPPS have their minds so closed its like they were swollered whole by the black hole point of infinity of obstinacy in stupidity. You are PROOF you can sometimes lead someone to the DATA and the EVIDENCE by the hand, safely crossing that terrible dangerous street called 'individual free will'; but you certainly can NOT make them actually THINK they got to the other side despite the evidence they are there. Sorta like it was with the 'water on Mars' psuedoskeptics who said the place was devoid of water and dryer than the parched desert bones of a long dead long-horn. Who's tooting the 'no-water' horn now? Anyone other than Nicky Hoffman and his gang of CO2 sniffers breathing that rarified air of Piled Higher n Deeper?


Gosh...some is even...LIQUID-ON THE SURFACE:

Certainly looks like a LAKE, liquid at SOME point on Mars! Ya Think?!

Oh that's right...psuedoskeptics CAN'T THINK! duh... [;-{)

Well fortunately, many many and many more of us out here CAN and DO think for ourselves. We VALUE GREATLY that 'individual free will' that so many have died so many heroic deaths so that we, in America, can enjoy this absolute freedom so rare in today's world. On September 5, 2002 a fellow Cydonian Villager gave the planet even more undeniable evidence there was an ancient civilization on Mars that built mega-pyramids and a Mile and Half tall by a mile wide FACE on the ancient shorelines of Cydonia.

The DATA conclusively proves this point in conjunction with OTHER data from other instruments, both American and Russian. This IS the real deal. Unfortunately, NASA/JPL/ASU are presently saying the data is faked. What is CLEARLY faked here is NASA/JPL/ASU's own story.

This would NOT, repeat would NOT be an issue at ALL, if NASA/JPL/ASU did one very very simply honest thing:


It IS as simple as that folks.

It CANNOT be made ANY simpler.

It is like keeping the FINAL Florida vote count 'secret' until after a 'swearing-in' ceremony.


That avoids ANY 'pedigree' discussion. Period.

So one MUST, if one is thinking , WHY isn't NASA/JPL/ASU doing that?

If there's nothing to hide, WHY HIDE THE DATA?

Want YOUR data back America?

Want to KNOW what NASA is REALLY finding 'out there'?

What good is a very costly GIFT of FREEDOM, if you do NOT exercise it?

Want to help? Write in your own words what you think and send it to everyone here:

Reality must be TRUTHFUL to be useful.

Our "public" space program sadly is not when it comes to Mars explorations, especially, Cydonia.

And to the vast vast majority of folks at NASA/JPL/ASU?MSSS who ARE honest, hardworking and dedicated folks fed up with the duplicity and the infernal games...come forward and quite simply:

Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Don't make promises and policies you don't intend to keep and to keep the policies and promises you do make.

ACTIONS speak louder than words.

ACTIONS are PROOF of intent.

ACTIONS are the final judgement of character.

It REALLY is that simple.

ACTIONS are the final judgement of character.

Sadly NASA/JPL/ASU have NOT taken ANY ACTION by releasing that all important raw ancillary data.

One MUST wonder...why act guilty of something if you're not?

Think out there act down here...NOW! Have YOU?
Let's taunt a Billionaire to Mars ! ! ! Beats Begging.
Give a High School kid a reason to care...a spacewalk!
Teach 'em a lesson in teamwork.
Teach 'em a lesson in humanity.

Bob... ;-{)