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I have updated the SMOKING PYRAMID OF CYDONIA page to include a NEW IMAGE from the MGS MOC of this enigmatic and totally interesting feature laying there puffing away in downtown Cydonia !  Updates at page bottom.



I wrote a 6 page Historic Treatise and State of Affairs in Mars Research which I posted, emailed, faxed, mailed and delivered to political and media representatives and also via different BBS systems on the internet.


Created an open letter and challenge to Dr. Philip Christensen who is Principle Investigator for the Mars Odyssey THEMIS camera


Made an animation of the Cydonia Smoking Pyramid wind direction using Flash



Having tired of continued delay in releasing the ancillary data from the April 8, 2001 Cydonia Face image NINE (9) months after acquisition and other nefarious activities in conjunction with recent headlines prompted me to compile:




Happy New Year as we are most definitely into the 21st Century now.  I have added the DAWGS essay as we are about to have the start of the Odyssey Mars Mission and the all important THEMIS camera upon it.  Please read and follow the VGL links especially to see why we NEED to have some openness in this coming mission.

I also found some interesting and anomalous Mars images of the summer of 1999 left over after dumping the art galleries and in light of recent papers and links on some other sites, I thought re-posting this page would be interesting and also for the record as this was posted on my old faculty website until banned in February 2001.

August 10, 2001

On Saturday night August 4, 2001 I was a guest with Astronomer Dr. Tom Van Flandern and others on Ground Zero radio available from the web via:  

or from KOTK Portland Oregon with host Clyde Lewis.  

Ground Zero radio show:

Click on link: Mars smells like blood!

It was an excellent and interesting show.  I am thankful to many people in helping bring this about. You know who you are. Thanx.

added to links:

Excellent BBS for various topics:

July 30, 2001

New Question!

When will we revisit Pathfinder?

I have updated the Banned n Scanned page with information about my student evaluations and also a clarification for any news media people who are having the courtesy and curiosity to check into this story about CCC's disingenuous answers that I am NOT fired when news media call and that they had told the NYS Labor Department that I had REFUSED work. NOT TRUE! I NEVER refused any work because NONE was ever offered.  See the bottom of scanned n banned.  

I have been on the radio before, info on that show is repeated below.

On June 2, 2001 I was a guest on  1010AM out of Toronto Canada on Errol Bruce-Knapp's Strange Days Indeed show with Mr. Stephen Bassett of the ONLY registered Political Action Committee in Washington DC for the issue of American public contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence here in the United States at:   

 Also on the show was a Mr. Alfred Lhemberg who was also fired from teaching over his use of Extraterrestrial issues in his curriculum.   I wish to thank Mr. Bassett who was instrumental in setting this up and who is continuing the fight for ALL of us for the release of this fantastic information that will revolutionize humanity and end the secrecy of more than 50 decades of illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional withholding of vital national and human security issues from 2 Presidents, much less the American public and the world at large.  

See also:

The secrecy about Flying Saucers isn't funny anymore.  It's past time to put the public 'giggle factor' with this issue where it belongs- 6 feet under.

If you want to help in that process these are the email addresses publicly available at the CCC site, my local print, radio and TV media.  Send them all a note.


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May 21, 2001

Well, I am no longer a teacher of accredited classes at CCC and have revamped the website again in light of this fact.  I have begun to include things that were part of the Common Sense Central site BEFORE the new administration at the college took over.  I shall continue through this weekend and next week  in mid-May to bring the website back to the things that the students had said they enjoyed the most, and that the public responded positively to.

Stay tuned and come back often because...

 Life happens and you should know about it!

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Below is the What's New message on January 15, 2001:

News ! ! !

Well this site has been updated for 2001 as regular visitors who have been here before can tell.  I have slimmed down much of the content that was here, and re-edited the entire site.  This re-editing is an on-going process, as all Life is, and will continue as long as I am able and allowed to.

I have tried to make the educational wording and references I was trying to achieve before more clearer and precise with this new 2001 version of Common Sense Central.  It is a tenet in my teaching philosophy in learning how to read menus in microcomputer software applications of all types.  To use your innate common sense in reading menus and trying various menu choices in practice documents one can learn a new program even if the manual is unavailable, or the on-line help system is less than clear on explanations. 

Because of some CCC administrative concerns I have decided to remove my poetry, my camera photography, my guitar music and the BBS section of the website.  To those who have expressed enjoyment through the years for my poetry and my other artistic endeavors, I thank you from the bottom of my mechanical heart.  I will still hopefully participate in the annual CCC Talent Show put together by Chris Ford and many other dedicated and talented faculty members and students who perform their 'personal' talents for the enjoyment of everyone within the greater Clinton Community, the college, the county, and its citizenry.

The good news, artistically that is, I have included new 3-D Virtual Reality fly-bys created using microcomputer software applications that YOU can learn how to use and create stunning and interestingly beautiful landscapes, cities, parks, worlds, galaxies and other Universes your mind can roam and play in.  These files are LARGE though and are intended only for on-campus intranet use for educational demonstration purposes.  Trying to download some of these files at home on a phone-modem is NOT recommended.  But here on-campus, or a high-bandwidth www connection, these are nifty scenes for 1st attempts.  I hope I get more time to practice with this software and develop more wonderful worlds.

Stay tuned and come back often because...

 Life happens and you should know about it!


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