What Structure?

Working with the only Cydonia Qube we currently have I found the following underground structure.

The qube file itself is completely filthy, but the anomaly is NOT associated with the scan lines and dirt of the image itself and thus cannot be said to be 'processing artifacts'.  This large scale structure once more gives proof to the validity of Keith Laney's work that first discovered there was something 'squarish and blocky' laying under the visible ground level in Cydonia.


The structure this page is about is indicated by yellow arrow.

First the crop at 1:1 zoom from the processed qube:


i01024002edr_crop.jpg (37612 bytes)


Now a zoom-in and added lines to help identify the 'blockiness' of the overall structure:


        i01024002edr_zoom.jpg (3306 bytes)    i01024002edr_lines.jpg (3893 bytes)


The feature known as 'The Fort" is located in the bottom right of thess Cydonia images.

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