Anymore whens

Itís an electromagnetically driven particle world
3 billion volts alone from Jupiterís swirls
World engulfing sun storms flowingly unfurl
The Universe defined by the point spirits are entwirled

The Aquarian Age on the cusp to begin
The heavens have turned once again
Itís time for all spirits to let the peace of love in
It is a change darkness and hatred cannot win

Listen to the messages from deep inside the holes of your mind
Just continue to do Creationís work no need to know the whys
At every moment you have all that God knows you need to get to by
All you have to do to live because you can is to reach to try

The moment youíre in is all the Universe connected to you
Just because you donít believe your reality doesnít make it less true
To go on to another moment because you can is all you need to do
Treat all Creation with respect and love and watch what you accrue

Remember there will be a moment paused forever in-between
All those fleeting moments laid in line for you and God to see
This is the path of your life how you really came to be
And God points, show where you loved or thanked me

Here at the in-between where spirit is freed from flesh
The Universe and Creation are perceived with an awareness thatís fresh
Where the mind and the heart into a soul is finally meshed
And one more gentle soulís tactile experience are finished

Time in-between to sing to the stars the worlds and the moons
Of the melody in quiet peace of night serenaded by the loons
Or of the beauty of a harvest moon rising in joyous tunes
Re-live the convergence of souls deep in loveís encompassing swoons

Here is the essence of your life make of it what you will
For all paths in the end circle round heaven n hell
Like all humans sometimes you pray sometimes you yell
Itís in the in-between that dark secrets whisper n tell

Breathe in breathe out things are changing n moving on
No air but youíre there awareness and thoughts on the run
Creation loves you humans just like the promise of an only son
You didnít know the Universe picked on you for enlightened fun

To give flesh its passions ruled by a moral ego mind
To trap your awareness along a narrow band of time
To direct events of your life and no slim reason why
To waste away in old age and in indignity finally die

Our myths n stories but electrons across our collective brains
Whose to say how much reality has changed or stayed the same
Human against human re-living the story of Able and Cain
And the wizards begin their incantations once again

The cosmos has turned into one more house of stars
If you spend forever in a circle have you gotten very far
Whatís behind the eyes looking up from the drifting dunes of Mars
Were they able to see in the mirror exactly where they are

Tell me human now you see the solar plasma galactic gun
Just where did the Martians have to really truly run
Like us from the path of Creationís truth did they shun
To save ourselves we must respect n love all Godís creations

It is so very elementary simple all must surely see
To serve Creation n God and to simply be
Love is the essence of life that calls the mirror me
By chance or by clone let your spirit fly free

Ask who is the ego that puts limits on our minds and dreams
When in the fullness of the Moon itís our sacred souls that scream
As we stare into the stars is our reality as real as it seems
Or has the luster of innocence lost the sympathetic sheen

As we move along lifeís limited channel of our time
Humans cannot help themselves from asking out why
Even Jesus cried out in doubt n despair when he died
But he prevailed because its our nature to really try

In the end we go on because we can
Our Creator and loved ones to them we are sent
And the souls of Creation numerous as grains of sand
You find yourself wondering where the envy went

There in the in-between with All of Creation all around
The cycle of your life has once more come back round
Did you see the messages did you hear the sounds
Did you notice footprints of angels there in the ground

The Earth had Godís Creations long before the Universe made you
Did you respect their Universe had their own valid truths
How dare you decimate their species so brutally soon
What if Creation wants to begin all of humanity anew

Have you any idea why so many lied to you
All of humanity in reality unsure of whatís true
Stuck in economic drive to buy and accrue
Galloping bluntly to a future we will come to rue

The apocalyptic end is coming this way
The Heavens turn onto the new Aquarian Age
And the Wizards read from their ancient pages
Telling us way back when what Creation had to say

Written into the geometry of the Pyramids of Stone
Letting humans forever know weíve never been alone
The pattern of your lives laid out at the center edge of your home
Cosmic messages swirled in the food you eat youíve been shown

Nearly all those machines you send to Mars
Donít seem to get there do much or get very far
Ya think Martians are having a har-de-har-har
Zipping across shifting dunes in magnetic floating cars

Here on Earth your poor and homeless youíve shunned
The epidemic of children killing children has fully begun
Ten year old soldiers live grenades with real machine guns
Pop the millennial champagne cork arenít we having fun

When this life is over and you have just begun
Facing God you and Him nowhere to run
What melodies and songs have you sung
To what loves did your heart n soul belong

Did you let the Spirit of Creation guide your life
Did you cry n laugh did you do your best in your time
Did your heart n soul sprout n grow getting fully ripe
Did you share some of what the mirror called mine

Did you let love bring you a bit of heaven on Earth
Did you know you were never alone even before your birth
Do you know youíre always a part of Creationís hearth
Do you put love into everything that you start

Do you finally believe humanity is at the apocalyptic end
Do you realize when you die youíre back at the start again
Do you know the moment when past present n future blend
Do you know what happened to all the shouldía beens
Do you guess thereíll be anymore whens

Rhw 12-10-1999