A goal of patterned possibilities


When they look into their crystal balls
Wizards can clearly see it all
What’s to come and what has been
Answers to the whys and knowledge of the whens

For only in deep communion with Creation
Can we be allowed to see n feel the revelations
For hell is found in rage and brutal hateful deaths
The cruelty of humans catches even God’s breath

The cosmic messages continue to swirl in barley wheat n rye
The cycles of hate continues as we watch our children die
The political liars constantly they prattle
As the human race prepares for battle
The swords of war continue to rattle
Eyes in our daily lives a herd of cattle
We must lift our consciousness to the cosmos of a Universal sky
We must embrace all of life within love’s all encompassing sigh

But the ancients always really and truly knew
In their crystal balls they saw this world of blue
The alignments of the heavens the sparks on the ground
The cycle of Creation and Chaos gone once more all around

There were other bubbles of possibilities
Other futures that they could clearly see
If only the human heart could let go of the hate
Anywhere anywhen along the string it was never too late

Crop circle messages gave us clues of what was to be
So many human babies still die alone n starved in the streets
But the bureaucrats babbling still goes on
Bumbling the mumbling of the same ol song
As a people we wonder what went so wrong
When our indifference was to blame all along
We never confront the liars or live in Creation’s love of truth in reality
Our children kill children because they have only become the us they see

Did anyone know where’d they go deep in the darkness of night
They were told it was their souls on the line in the radiant light
But the ego of mind blinded their eyes and put hate in their hearts
And the ancients knew we were doomed before we had a chance to start

So the crystal balls really showed it all the choices the possibilities
When things got rough people got tough bringing out a brutal inhumanity
But in the end the final message to send love is the key to the light
The gates to hell forever felled by letting go of our terror n fright

Love and tolerance of the human heart is the message swirled in the wheat
But humanity’s compassion has seemed to have gone to sleep
We trust our leaders will solve our problems you see
It’s why governments were invented to be
From the acquiescence we give we get tyranny
The human family we let fail so freely
Believing the lies on TV commenting it was all unavoidable back then
Not knowing with a loving choice we’d be living a different when

We must all see who we really truly are
From space where the Earth is but a star
A mass migration back to our home on Mars
The truth healing the human soul’s painful scars

But wherever n however we came to exist
All of life comes back to the one this
In the encompassing sigh of Creation’s loving bliss
Is the real message n reasons we can’t miss

The patterns of the heavens written n woven laid out in the rye
The crazy weather is the Earth’s soul sobbing in a sorrowful cry
The leaders lead us all in our own lies
We can’t face the clone behind the mirrored eyes
Frozen in horror as our children die
We wander aimlessly wondering our whys
The answers are still there behind the face under Cydonia’s Martian skies
Can everyone love enough to reach out together to truthfully try

For now there is no way for us to go on to Mars
Even the Moon has become way too far
The human tribes still fight and make war
Is that who they see we really truly are

Who tells the mirror what is right and wrong
What tune plays deep inside the soul’s song
How far away is it for the trail to be too long
When did you realize your life was all gone

But the messages come in barley twisted like swirling rope
Full of awe n mystery the meanings in feelings n eternal hope
And as foretold the noon turned to night
Dance of heavenly spheres a glorious sight
Strength for us to try with all our might
Let the truth finally win set reality right
For we will always be the best we are helping each other cope
Reaching for dreams beyond the castle walls and old moats.

Rhw 8-14-1999