A Cold Nights Thoughts


Don't ask me who I am
When the face in your mirror lies
I'm back where I began
Getting off my knees for another try

Love in the sun
Love on the run
Loves never begun
Loves to be shunned

From A to Z go the names
All around there's enough blame
Shoulders squared against shame
We blindly follow love's flame

Breathe in breathe out you're alive
For a life with love we strive
Love blesses fulfilled moments in time
In the darkness love's candle is life's shine

Love is a need we feel deep in our bones
A rescue from the dark of dying unloved n alone
So it is more than the body's sensual fun
But supreme is the Spirit shinning under God's sun

So if you can smile in the Sun smile under a new Moon
Smile through the bad of love if you can giggle in the good
Our lives and loves are filled with would-a, could-a and shoulds
But we forget the Universe has its own maddening mysterious moods

In the end it will be the truth of your own beating heart
When you remember from the moment it began to start
When God asks you who you are what do you want
What is the truth when your heart is stopped and your breath is caught

The moment when you can no longer lie to the mirror
When your heart is filled with every human fear
Or will the truth of the love your heart kept shine clear
God's love turns sorrow n pain to healing flowing tears

From the lips of creation comes God's greatest spirit of love for all time
Our children are the eyes of God watching us with eyes that shine
The spirit of God measuring the world we see with mind
Enduring for love's emotions to be compassionate and kind

Follow the truth of your heart
Remember the end is not the start
Life changes as moments move about
Sometimes to be heard you have to shout

The expectations of our lives determine the height of our fall
For surely the Universe will not grant us the whole of it all
In the end be glad you are alive and warm
Not dying in a frozen winter ice n snow storm

Rhw 12-31-1998