What will you ever do

It's screamin careening coming from the farthest corner of the night
We've been told its been here before in knowledge from ancient foresight
Just because you don't wish to believe doesn't mean it's less true
A rogue planet is headed for a near miss of this planet of blue

An ancient monument of man will forever stare up at the stars
It's right there in front of your face in Cydonia on Mars
I'm a hermit living there with a smoking pyramid above my hearth
Come in sit down it's here your human story really starts

First you must relax, your fear and ego constrict your mind
You must be still to hear the heartbeat of a soul's time
Of eons of millennia of life n death in generational lines
It's coming back again you've seen the miracles n been given signs

You've had the smarts to survive long ago once before
Then you got greedy and it all went to hell and war
No matter how much you got always wanting more
Ravaging the heaven beneath your feet like a neutered whore

Why do you deny the evidence of your very own eyes
The 5th planet's gone and only asteroids left in the sky
You're not old enough to remember the real reason of why
The Cosmos decided by dynamics the 5th planet must die

We knew our home would be blasted n fried clean
So we built an ark of the Moon most said an impossible dream
Everyone knew the truth the danger was real and clear
We had to pack up and move everyone away from there

As predicted before the rogue planet came and went
The 5th planet was torn apart and only rubble was left
Spaceship Moon was moved far away and safe
Doing its job preserving survival of all species life

There is a reverence of life needed in a calm Cosmic mind
I know its possible for a few educated n enlightened human kind
Did you ever wonder why you feel such awe looking at the sky
There's a tugging on your soul to go home you can't explain why

Yes little human it's in your genes to your bones
To look up at the stars gaze at Mars a haunted home
Look around the neighborhood you've never been alone
You've got to stop killing souls and putting bodies in tombs

The planet is coming back again real soon you'll see
Your disbelief doesn't change the truth of Creation's reality
You've got to get along so you save yourselves
Otherwise humans will be the new T-Rex history to tell

You shed each other's blood on land where miracles of life were seen
You are the crucial generation caught in the turbulent in-between
You must find a way together in peace to get your species through
Because your planet will be affected nothing anyone can do

You are just now learning of your Cosmic genetic code
Interesting to watch what you do with what you've known
The essence of your mind is coiled deep in your bones
Behind the eyes in the mirror is there chance or clone

You must learn that it doesn't matter that all life has mind
Sensing the Universe around it looking for its comfort in time
Your heartbeat has yet to meld with the Cosmic chimes
Your soul must open to the wondrous miracles and signs

Look directly into the eyes of the face in the Cydonia dunes
Our souls drawn out past that peculiar smile of the Man in the Moon
The pyramids carry the smoke from my humble Martian hearth
Yes my little human it's here where your story really starts

We moved ourselves deep underground on Mars
To protect us from the dangerous rogue from the stars
We built spaceship Moon and help you into it
Sent you to where you wouldn't get hit

We didn't interfere on blue and T-Rex was dead
Onto the planet some of you landed making homesteads
The others stayed up inside the smiling Moon
Your planetary ego learned greed and everything went to ruin

Even now at the near end and your certain demise
You don't remember the lessons of the ancient and wise
Peace amongst yourselves is necessary for a Cosmic mind
Love is life, life is love, all else is rage gone blind

The anger's so futile fighting floundering against Cosmic currents
Real soon you'll be wondering where your children's future went
Your ego is the falsity of why you believe you're alone
Your fear and greed kill and main other's flesh n bone

Standing before the Creator you will not be able to hide your eyes
Even Satan is always finally caught in his convoluted deceiving lies
For all of Creation's Life must eventually consume then die
Our purpose to enjoy our child's laugh floating in a summer sky

There's a big dark ball of rock coming at you real fast
You've got to pull together if you want your species to last
Your planet will be turned round and flipped upside down
So many of you humans will inevitably hurt and drown

The people you elected to lead have ego constricted minds
The refuse to believe or see if the people and machines are blind
How can you measure life and love when love is life
How many meters are there in love's contented sighs

So much of what is real in reality only comes from Creation
Life is the essence of existence, joy in love's exaltations
If you breathe it's a true cause for a jubilant celebration
Take a quiet moment in prayer for your sincere appreciation

Are you too busy in your ego constricted world renewed
Can your mind grasp something so ancient it's new
You're on the precipice do you enjoy the view
Stuck on spaceship Earth with a querulous unruly crew

Tell me little human what will you ever do
You save souls through life its what you always knew
You've never been alone remember that it's been true
But ultimately it's your world this planet of blue
Tell me little human what will you ever do

Rhw 10-21-1998