We walked among the stars

Though there is danger in humanity's dream to fly
We must go out there for the answers to all the whys
For the stars are mere twinkles in God's smiling eyes
Beacons guiding us to Creation's encompassing loving sigh

We were out there once walking about heads held high
A togetherness of emotion making every human proudly cry
For we were all behind that final relieving sigh
When Tranquility Base called out a welcoming hi

Oh how bored we can get with our collective bliss
Someone must invent us a reason to snarl n hiss
And we find ourselves dumbfounded how it has come to this
That our children reach out to each other with guns in their fists

We had the gates to the stars in our hands
But we turned our backs and away we ran
Back down overpopulating and ruining the land
The count of souls lost exceeding the sea's sand

But the worst of all is the pain built on false trust
For we could have had our children playing safely in Moon dust
And over their radios you would never hear them swear or cuss
Because they had grown up to be really just like us

Rhw 7-20-1999

I apologize to the artist for forgetting the name from Omni Magazine ( should have used the TEXT tool and imprinted it on the image - we all make boo-boos - 'nother lesson u students ) 

Dare we to dream this big?