Truth of Reality

Who are you and what do you want
When your heart is stopped and breath is caught
At that moment of the in-between
When your fears replace your greed
As history turns into what was foreseen
What have the eyes in the mirror seen
Why are you here and where are you going
What have you done and what are you doing
For you are about to grasp a most truthful knowing
All life has mind and thought to experience its growing
From the pattern of one cell dividing to a collective galactic being
The reality of mind is dependant on the state of your seeing
Just because you don't believe doesn't make it less so
Don't remain blind to what you surely do not know
Grasp that moment and unfurl your soul's wings
Embracing the new journey the next moment brings
Passing the veil blocking experience in thought
Always the truth of Life is the now it's all you've got
Tomorrows are promised only to dreamers not yet dreamt
The mirror will always wonder where its future went
The Universal spectrum our instruments try to graph
Squiggles on paper n phosphorous blips the Cosmos laughs
The energy of Spirit lives beyond when flesh n bone dies
It's why we become in awe of the wonders in the sky
But we must remain true to all that we think feel and see
For truth is the ultimate real thread of our reality

Rhw 1-12-1999