Time Spheres

We measure time
On a linear line
No up nor down
Is it really surely known

What if a moment is the point of an expanding set of spheres
Going up down forward backward left right everywhen inbetween
At the moment when the Universe asks who are you the answer is me
The soul beyond greed and need and a love without fear

Who will you say you are
And what kind of life did you leave
What answers for the whispering stars
At that moment when you no longer need to breathe

The river of moments moved you along lifeís path
As you watched the planet wither from folly and wrath
Your own river of bubbles a strand of choices in a Universe of possibilities
How your interaction of possibilities with others writes other real histories

But while alive youíre locked in linear steps in time
From the consequences of your choices you cannot hide
The truth of who you are determined by where youíve been
The tombstoneís words chiseled by what you did

At any moment on the strand
You are the center of your Universe
Bubbles of choices n reactions expand
Feel the rippled time of the perverse

The screaming cries of battle echo throughout the spheres of time
Rest in the bubbles of quiet interlude of loveís satisfied sighs
Throughout it all we are all only who we are
What will you answer the whispering stars

What do you say each morning to the clone in the mirror
Splash the water look deep inside are you really here
What kind of question is that to ask yourself you say
Put the answer away youíll need it one rainy day

Does the music of the Universe play constantly in your ears
Has your soul loved and grown through the years
What will you see reflected in Godís eyes
Is there the fearlessness of loveís encompassing sigh

Know that life and love can be silly for their own reasons
Like all things humans too have their own varied seasons
Part of the choices made between the fox and the hound
The consequences of choices gone all the way around

Chemical magnetic patterns of thought
Induced by reactions forward n reverse
Like electricity across the mindís holes is shot
The planetís own thoughts just as perverse

Itís the new dawn of the Aquarian Age
Foretold and written by ancient sage
The force of chaos n change an entity of its own
The crop of choices all of us collectively have sown

Whatcha gonna do when looking God in the eye
Whatís your answer when the stars whisper why
Have you really felt loveís encompassing sigh
Kissing the lips of Creation in the quiet night

The power of two souls to soar the Universe for free
The key to let the fear go and let love n life just be
Only with closed eyes can the furthest things be seen
The truth of our reality can only be found in dream

Rhw 6-15-1999