The Martian Hermit

I close my eyes breathe Life in and pray
God tells me take my guitar and play
The cosmic winds will forever change who you are
Now I'm a hermit living under a pyramid on Mars

I was born on Earth but now I'm home
Even though no one is here I'm never alone
All of love is life all life is love It's always been who we are
The Face is there a mirror in the dunes it's where our story starts

The light flickering in a warm gentle breeze
Suddenly you're in water rising quickly past your knees
The Universe can change directions on a cosmic whim
Once aloof and dry now floundering in storm and wind

A rogue planet sneaking careening coming from the night
Could all those ancient myths really have been right
How foolish to be fooled by the ego of a science mind
An unrational denial if their machines become blind

Can their egos measure the depth of a grandparent's love
Can their hearts feel the Truth their souls carry from above
Thoughts are but chemical electromagnetic patterns not seen
We are all candles flickering in Creation's In-between.

Rhw 10-17-1998