The Continuing Refrain

When will humanity understand the truth of life's happiness
Found inside the essence felt joining souls in love's bliss
How I want to witness humanity's entrance to the Aquarian Age
When love of life replaces the paranoid fear of barbaric rage

The crystal balls are in our hands altered reflections of ourselves
A trillion possibilities realities dependents of small choices of self
All too often we're alone forgetting we've always had Universal company
That our breath and heartbeat are different but in intended harmony

The Egyptian Pyramid and Sphinx are reflected in the dunes of Mars
All of life is connected through the lights of a Universe of stars
Although we all have always known some still don't believe
What is in front of their eyes they absolutely refuse to see

They cannot answer who they are and what do they want
In between when their heart is stopped and breath is caught
Can they find the reason to why they are here and where they are going
To live life in the bliss of love in the light where no darkness is showing

From the familiarity of their daily routines it's time to be seen and heard
Shout the reality that we are all dependent on the health of this one world
What will we do and where can we go when hurricanes and tornadoes blow
How can we survive when we keep forgetting what we've always known

There's a face on Mars
Just staring at the stars
Love inside a hermit's heart
He'll tell you who you are

From a smoking pyramid in Cydonia's dunes
A civilization's surface fallen to a rusting ruin
Forced to build their Edens under the ground
Fearful of the rogue planet coming again around

Ah but who will listen to this one soul's words
A shout from the middle of a tornado isn't heard
But to reach out n touch the wrath n re-steer the storm
Could save the light of souls from the chaos of harm

I've said it all before and many times again
The circles complete back where they began
A pyramid of smoke rising downwind in the Martian sky
There's a haunted dream continuing behind the Cydonia eyes

Rhw 11-26-1998