Scramble Moon

The answers to questions about our Moon
Are buried among the Martian dunes
There are 10 thousand year old pyramids in Egypt's Giza
There are 10 million year old pyramids in Mar's Cydonia

The spacecraft we sent out into the Universe fleeing from the sun
Gravity has twisted, slowed them up and is sending them home
I'm sorry Mr. Scientist I can no longer accept 'light and shadow trickery'
Your explanations are falling far short of accounting for the realities

And you Mr. Educator and your lying histories
How many people have been fooled through the centuries
Wake up little human look all around you
Can you learn to discern what is really true

You've got to educate your mind to enlighten your soul
A world neighborhood community should be your goal
From the cradle to a city in the stars
Can you really envision that far

The entrance to creation is between your groin and your mind
Heartbeat by heartbeat the path of Life in Spirit unwinds
We have never been alone, and may be an experiment you see
I hope we do better than the dinosaurs, don't you agree?

So can you open your mind to all of the Universe's possibilities
Are you standing still, stuck in muck, or flying free with fantasies
Inside the hallow Moon with mylar flying wings
Joyous freedom a forgiving heart can bring

Let go of butchery, let go of hate
Self destruction isn't Man's only possible fate
Let go of maiming, let go of killing
Hear the spirits of our children singing

We are the heartbeat, the pulse of the Earth
Like a runny nose, the sickness floods forth
The sky wars with the earth, wind crushes structures of Man
Did the prophets see us long ago, a vision of God's plan

We are the people caught in the in-between
The future path determined by how we lean
Wiseness blossoms from solemn reflections
Cruelty and prejudice are human imperfections

Do you hate your neighbor
Until you need a favor
Do you hate your neighbor
Until you need a favor

Rhw 9-21-1998