Our future begins here
Have we the vision to hold stardust in our hands
Can our children play in peace in the Martian sands
Have we the compassion to spread tolerance across the land
Can all we need to do it is the will to believe we can

For in the striving and trying of any great thing
The beginning was love willing our souls to sing
For the journey along the path has moments that are surprising
The end only shines in the crystal light of the magic rings

If the solar system has thoughts they've now focused on Earth
All in align behind the Sun looking at us in horror or mirth
If our children kill babies what will the next generations birth
All the humans scrabble down the wrong path for truth they search

When all of Creation is tied to the holes of your mind
Their egos seem to render their foresight blind
When the history books are filled with lying lines
Their hearts cannot learn tolerance for those of another kind

It is the profoundness of the great unknown at the root of human fears
It is why we have always sought out the words of mystical seers
It is the frustration of the Universe when we cannot accept what we hear
It is a tragedy that we cannot see that our future always begins right here

Rhw 5-1-2000