One more night of reality

5 more children fall in the line of fire
The Martian storms swirling higher n higher
Death takes all of our loveís sweat desires
Is it only our lost children who see through the liars

Reality must be truthful to be useful you see
It is the final way all things end up to be
Like the truth of the moment when you no longer breathe
And the hate of your ego can no longer boil n seethe

At that moment there in the midst of the in-between
Another new future laid out for you and clearly seen
Atom to star to atom life to death to life the way its been
Bubbles of floating possibilities in a Universe of unlimited whens

But you are always who you are
Put your hand on your heart
Feel your soul feed in loveís spark
The soul is freed when ego falls apart

The clock ticks one more momentous millennium moment
And under the shadow of the Moon we wonder where the Sun went
We found answers with tools made from the metal we bent
But mysteries remain written in circles of wheat a message being sent

Did the ancientís crystal balls
So long ago really see it all
The rise of our civilization so tall
And the progression of events as it falls

All the living things pause in awe under the noonday night
The Moon shuts the Sun with a precision so meticulously right
At no other place in our solar system is there such a sight
For these moments a connected cosmic love should quell our fright

But as I write these words once more late into the night
I fear a nuclear war will soon create a horrific sight
And I canít help but know that what is isnít whatís right
Weíve got to relentlessly confront the liars with all our might

From Washington to Nixon to Clinton itís the same you see
For greed of power titillating sex or a vandalized cherry tree
So many egos think they are above Truthís rules of Reality
But God always finds a way to show the world who you can be.

Rhw 8-10-1999