Nurture the Seed

We are the seed of the newborn civilization
We are at the cusp of another cycle ending & creation
We are the people caught in the in-between
We are the culmination of the history we've seen

We are caught in the pause of the planet's heartbeat
We are tossed about until the cycle is complete
We are the people, poised to go any way
We are the lemmings being led astray

Are we the civilization that could make cities in the stars
Are we the people who can hold together that far
Are we able to forsake the fear and the greed
Are we able to reach out and nourish our seed

Are we able to lift ourselves from tribal warfare
Are we able to stop the spears around the campfires
Are we able to look into the sky with wonder and surprise
Are we able to use our resources in ways that are wise

Are we able to live in the truth of reality
Are we able to see the lies buried in history
Are we able to pull together and go on from here
Are we able to move forward without pause or fear

We are the people of the future histories
We are in the time ancient prophets have foreseen
We are each carrying a share of the global responsibility
We are each other's neighbors, look around, you'll see

We are a people who could build a city in the stars
We are a people who could go that far
We are someone, alone, a human who could blow it apart
We are once again, at the end, ready to start

Rhw 9-19-1998