In the end even Jesus cried out in doubt n despair

Armageddon is still a trigger pull away
Children with bombs in holy streets they play
What will our great grandchildren read in their histories
Our will our hatred deny them their own living realities

War or peace the rumors abound the end is near
All foreseen accelerating as told by ancient seers
The leaders squabble finding no consensus to lead
Riots in the streets babies dying of filth and disease

We plead to the heavens it's all not really fair
In the end even Jesus cried out in doubt n despair
We must shed our greed hatred and fear
We must turn to Creation for the end is near

Have you showed appreciation in your prayers
Or have you begged for more than your share
Will you be able to look God in the eye
At the moment when you're both wondering why

Your spirit lives on beyond the flesh n bone
The light of Creation all life's ultimate home
Having been cleansed through fire of death come round again
Born renewed from the light where you once began

The end of one is the birth of the new
Something our genes always deeply knew
Aligning in ways for the continuous growth of mind
A wick from which our emotions flicker and shine

Rhw 11-14-1998