In Cydonia On Mars In Stone

Just another night as the planet screams out everywhere
Heart is stopped breath is caught no blood no air
Moments of disassemble and Creation are sides of the mirror
Can we give our souls the freedom to fly without fear

The prophets of long ago foreseen the path of time we're on
The king of terror coming for us from the heart of the dawn
Oh little humans what will you ever do
When disaster strikes the planet of blue

When your leaders lie
Everyone shall surely die
There's your neighbor's blood on the wailing wall
And your bombs caused the dome to fall

The children riot once again in the city streets
Is it so different from your own rebellious feats
How can you not reflect and see the Truth being shown
You have become what you rejected what you once disowned
If you could only rule the world it would be a better place
Well look around there's a trillion souls you must face
If they all got along the job would be much easier
But you see, like you, they all got a little greedier
They bit n snapped
Fought n scrapped
The world went to hell n war
The rest of us trapped
The skinny n fat
Can't see the human truth no more

The truthful road is covered in black ice
The weather is frightful the terror isn't nice
Our wheels are spinning slicing out of control
In a snow banked ditch we're stuck in the cold

We are a species with no coherent moral center
We kill each other over ego discrepancies of the Creator
There are not enough heroic deeds for life's causes
Not enough laughter in a river of moments' pauses

Where is the passion of the human heart in love and song
Has it been so very long since things went so very wrong
Between the sadness in the forever troubled world
In the eyes behind the mirror fantasies n memories swirl

And when you lay down your head at night
Do you truly see what you do is in God's sight
Terror pain and death Armageddon headed our way
It no longer matters what all the ego liars say
The hatred wins because current reality is based on ego lies
Without truth all of human hope can only shrivel and die
Traveling the river of moments just wondering a general why
The variety of the many moments between each blink of your eyes
Are you aware of your toes
What does your nose know
Flesh n bone driven by a Spirit's needs
It's the way the Universe goes
It's center stage in Creation's show
Between your heart n mind is God's seed

What will you feel when looking into your children's eyes
Reflecting back the misery caused by your ego lies
Your selfish greed has brought on the terrible harm
You really should have known you were forewarned

The Sun blows off part of the air of the Earth
Politicians still squabble each other they curse
The madness of the human mind has driven the planet to rage
We are the cast-off players on a crumbling Universal stage

Nostradamus has been proven right for centuries in time
Setting down the moments pre-created in melodic rhyme
We know from history that they have nearly all come true
The only ones left tell a tale of destruction for this planet of blue

Have you thanked God for your comfortable bed
Or how about that heartbeat you just had
In your most sorrowful loss you are still never alone
Hope is the light of Spirit the Creator has shown
You must remember what you have forgotten so long ago
It's been carved there so long in Cydonia on Mars in stone
Who saved us once long ago when the beast came in the night
Who moved humanity from Mars with all their heavenly might
Can we still the tide
Move the Moon aside
Change the ballet of the Planets' ways
The cosmic winds we ride
Out to the other side
A wondrous journey for a spirit to make

Rhw 12-14-1998