I wonder why

Travelling across parallels in time do you meet a different you
Are they the person you once thought you knew
No matter when in the end you’re all at the same place 
Standing naked before the Universe looking into its face

So tell me now tell me true
Just who it is that is you
What do you have for what is due
Is there enough love to begin life anew

The circle is complete the end is the start
There waiting after the last beat of your heart
Leave behind your fears founded in the flesh
Love of life is the soul’s essence of you refreshed

You journey along the strands of spheres in the inbetween
Where as you look around everywhen is everywhere to be seen
Who are you to say the Wizard’s crystal balls do not know it all
When spirits are neither short nor tall where place and time are mirrored balls

There inbetween the flesh and the light
When flesh’s fear n greed fade in the night
See the times there all around there in plain sight
The whispering stars still shinning so very bright

When will you go to what new place will be your home
The Universe is filled will life all around you’ve never been alone
Appreciate your time and where home is your place
Can you really thank God staring at the Almighty’s mirrored face

What do you feel in the middle of the night
When suddenly awake in sweat and fright
For who do you cry out to whom do you call
Have you really made time to thank God at all

Where and when will you be when your body finally sighs
Before the time when all lost loves say their final goodbyes
Can you think quick on your toes with only the truth of your soul
When the reality of all you are the whole Universe will know

The secret darkness of lies blazing forth unhidden by Cosmic light
What will you answer to all the stars whispering questions of your life
Whether by clone or chance did your soul give reverence to being alive
Did you let the essence of life’s love and curiosity shine bright

When you watched the candle flicker in the summer star wind
It was easy to see the moments flicker by when after when after when
Reality’s become freeze-framed and replayed on a trillion TVs
To all the horror self-inflicted continuing through present histories

What will it take for humanity to learn tolerance
A question billions have pondered more than once
So with all that thinking that’s still going on
How come so many things still go wrong

With so many differences where’s the common in common sense
Why do you need to bomb the house n kill the people across your fence
Do you really think the God of life wants you to kill and make war
Our differences a lesson that Aliens might have even more

Breathe in breathe out let your soaring soul shout
Our differences are what life in body is all about
Intelligence is getting along without killing your own kind
Nearly every species except humans do this. I wonder why.

Rhw 6-27-1999