I want to go to Mars

I want to go to Mars
To sail through the stars
Everywhere seems so very far
But going there is who we are

Like fish drawn struggling upstream to spawn
Like birds migrating on the eve of winter's dawn
We explore and yearn to heed our genetic call
To return to space where all of Creation is shown

Truth beyond that peculiar smile of the Man in the Moon
Hidden behind the mirrored face in Cydonia's drifting dunes
Answers have questions under own Pyramids in ruin
Behind the eyes in the mirror is a clone a human

We are sent messages swirled in fields of wheat n rye
As we stand about puzzled and still wondering why
We follow our fear and greed though so many of us die
Looking into the eyes of our children we can still cheat n lie

We were all foretold and forewarned so long ago
Way back then they knew what humans no longer know
In fear and greed is not where Creation's love is shown
Now your Armageddon is the fruit of the seeds you've sown

Rhw 12-25-1998