How we got to where we are

There was an American hero named John Glenn
He was a grandparent as back into space he went
It's an epic of times filled with memorable events
Soon the next grandchild must surely be sent

To play in a sandbox among the Martian dunes
Spaceflight is shown in our most ancient of ruins
We yearn for stars to explore it's in our bones
To gaze up there wanting to go back to our home

Though our bodies are but dust unto the Earth
The stars are where our soul is given birth
All life must end to swing back to the first
Like up-down in-out and forward n reverse

You are Creation's curious mind guided by your soul
A wide wondrous Universe waiting for you to know
Do not remain ignorant and blind to mysteries not shown
Even when there is no one you must know you're not alone

Lies will crumble from the chaos of their foundations
Respect for all Life is the planet's only salvation
The Martian Face continues its slow degradation
Reality must be truthful to be useful in all situations

We got to where we are
Looking out among the stars
By being the true best of who we are
That's how we came so far

Rhw 10-17-1998