Hold each love

I lay down as tears roll from my eyes
My heart hurts and my soul sadly sighs
Emotions leap in dreams of what could not be
Lost in the fullness filling the need of the fantasy

A singular contented sigh would never be enough
The mirrored man will go from like to love
From the confusion of a body’s needs
To the ego spreading its seeds

The core of who we are shapes what is to be
The Truth is the light by which we can see
To deny the Light
Is to deny your Life

Breathe in breathe out
Let your Soul sing n shout
You can only be who you are
A spark of God like a star

We are all alone in the crowded night
Reaching out to touch through love’s light
When frightened we hold each love of ours tight
We fight to live another day with all our might

Rhw 6-8-1999