Children mimic us

The winds will howl the Earth will freeze
Deadly air will be foul we killed all the trees
When it comes to eating our bodies for dinner
Just who will call who a sinner
As we stare at the indifference of the stars
See the despair in the Face on Mars
Our children kill because they mimic us
You canít blame their will on music thatíll cuss
Such hatred that we ask our children to carry bombs
Why are you taken aback reaping what youíve spawned
The old have forgotten the united enthusiasm of youth itself
What their loins have begotten are united in themselves
The generations of change will forever roll on through time
But the soul of hatred remains imbedded deep in the human mind
How easy it can become to maim and kill your own
Our children mimic the behavior they have come to know
When looking for excuses for the childrenís horror
Donít forget to look behind the eyes in the mirror
From deep within the hold of holes in your mind
In the spark of life that is the light of humankind
Let it shine through the dark shield of hatred
Blast through with a light n purpose thatís sacred

Rhw 12-10-1999