Who's asking for help in 2005?


Me.  Sadly I am very frustrated with financial n physical disabilities that limit my time spent in the anomalies arena and the pursuit of the brutal truth and the goal of requiring a space walk for all Americans to graduate high school.  I have what I consider the perfect opportunity to offer others an equal share in the huge amount of money that could be made with a book I have already compiled, edited and copyrighted in 1988.  It has nothing to do with Mars and everything to do with human relationships in a delightful, insightful and enlightening way.  This G-rated book is 365 pages long and has no swear words in it all.   Wal-Mart, Barnes n Noble, and every other retail outlet will be able to sell this 4 x 7 inch paperback book to anyone and everyone.  It is my goal to see this book published around the world in as many languages as possible.  I am willing to accept half a loaf than no loaf if someone is willing to fund the publication and distribution of this book.  I have done plenty of research through the years and it requires a $3,500 minimum investment to the publisher and the ISBN people for the barcode on the paperback.   I would rather NOT get into electronic publishing as the market once the entire text is freely available for download, the paperback market looses its customer base.   Sales of the paper on Amazon.com and Ebay could of course be accomplished. 


This link is going out in the hopes that those who may have the means to help me get this project going can see a small sample of the 365 pages available and a rough draft of the basic front and back cover of the book.  Have a read, a smile and I hope you can help me, and yourself, make a pile of money from this book.  All quotes were taken from public domain reference materials and I have copyright proof of the original manuscript from 1988 in my name and registered with US Copyright office.


Quotes on Sex, Love and Marriage

Compiled, Edited (c) 1988 by

Robert H. Williams



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